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Welcome to Climates

The new social network for people who want to take practical action on climate change.

Climates bring together the enthusiasm, knowledge, expertise, passion, and commitment of people all across the world to help each other, make changes in their own lives and, step by step, to take on the biggest issue of our times – climate change.

We believe in people’s generosity and willingness to share. Together we have the solutions to the challenges we face.

Together we can tackle climate change.

Watch the video to see how mates can help each other tackle climate change.

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‘ I think this is a great idea – really user-friendly for a busy mum and climate change ‘novice.’ I would definitely use it.’ 

Laura Grimond, London.

Climate is a great initiative. For any person like myself, aware of the need to reduce our impact on the world we live in, it addresses not only the “how to do it” with a myriad of ideas for adapting our current lifestyles and life processes, but also it connects us with like-minded people through the creation of a community. Where I live there are not many people with environmental awareness and Climates helps me feel I am not on my own in this fight, and it inspires me to do more.’ 

Matias Linder, Portugal.

‘We are going to hear a lot more about the C word, and Climates are fighting the big C with an armory of C words: Community, connectivity, curiosity, collaboration, and co-creation. Fight fire with fire!’

Edward Kellow, Sustainability Learning Practitioner.


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